Right On Top Of That Rose

I wonder if anyone else has odd pop culture references that pop in your mind consistently in random conversational discussions. Those odd movie references or musical references that a few people get, but others if you to utter hem out loud would you that sideways “puppy” look that says “WTH?”…so you keep it to yourself.

My example is when you just need someone to do something, even if they don’t know what to do in the moment…but the questions need to wait until later. Example, my son makes an error on the baseball field, the coach tells him to correct something or gives instruction from the sideline. There is no room for a discussion. The only right answer to the coach is “yes coach” and to do it. I always think of the line “right on top of that Rose”. It’s an obscure movie line reference from a movie many people not younger than 40 and likely not older than 55 would even know…from the Christina Applegate film “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead”. Her boss, Rose (who does not know she’s a teenager), tells her that any time she is on the phone or in a meeting and she asks if something is done or being done that the only answer she wants is “I’m right on top of that Rose”. This is the answer even if she has no idea what she is talking about or even if it’s not started yet.

Whenever I tell someone to just say yes then make it happen… I think in my head and I remember that cult classic movie….and smile.

Do you have any odd quotes or pop culture references you live your life by? Share in the comments below.

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