Right On Top Of That Rose

I wonder if anyone else has odd pop culture references that pop in your mind consistently in random conversational discussions. Those odd movie references or musical references that a few people get, but others if you to utter hem out loud would you that sideways “puppy” look that says “WTH?”…so you keep it to yourself.

My example is when you just need someone to do something, even if they don’t know what to do in the moment…but the questions need to wait until later. Example, my son makes an error on the baseball field, the coach tells him to correct something or gives instruction from the sideline. There is no room for a discussion. The only right answer to the coach is “yes coach” and to do it. I always think of the line “right on top of that Rose”. It’s an obscure movie line reference from a movie many people not younger than 40 and likely not older than 55 would even know…from the Christina Applegate film “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead”. Her boss, Rose (who does not know she’s a teenager), tells her that any time she is on the phone or in a meeting and she asks if something is done or being done that the only answer she wants is “I’m right on top of that Rose”. This is the answer even if she has no idea what she is talking about or even if it’s not started yet.

Whenever I tell someone to just say yes then make it happen… I think in my head and I remember that cult classic movie….and smile.

Do you have any odd quotes or pop culture references you live your life by? Share in the comments below.


Every one of us has a dream existence in our mind where the grass is greener, and we are not just keeping up with “the Joneses” but we are the ones to be kept up with. It’s easy, in times of trouble or boredom, to feel dissatisfied with the status quo. The fact is, however, you start to live your life fully the moment you let go of the picture of what you thought life would be like and learn to find joy in the story you are living.

  • “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” ~ Buddha
  • As a parent, a wife, as a human being it is easy to fall into a place where you lose gratitude for the little things in the moment. You become the sport taxi, the chef, the maid, the pocketbook, and your free time is often filled with giving of yourself to things that are not your passion but rather the passion of someone else. The guitars sit in their cases, the art supplies are in the cabinet, and the last time you went on an adventure that didn’t include having to pack for everyone else was a decade ago. It is easy to focus on what you can’t do, instead of what you have right in front of you.

    We are given but one life. We choose a path, or a path opens for us and we follow it. Every person’s experience is a different one. Our drudgery may be someone else’s dream existence. Our fourth trip to shop for frilly dresses with our little princess may be someone else’s dream. Our day sitting in the freezing wind to watch the baseball team lose another game may be the one thing that childless couple dreams of. Instead of focusing on “the Joneses”, focus on what is great in your day. Listen to the laughter, appreciate the comforts you do have.

    A Beginning

    Every story has a beginning and an end. The beginning can be as simple as a whisper or as complex as the Big Bang that created the universe. We, as humans, don’t have the capacity to remember ourselves our beginnings. We also don’t know when the end will occur either. These are the things we cannot control.

    What we can try to manage is the in-between. We create our story, we frame it by every breath we take and every move we make. Sometimes those choices are conscious, and sometimes they are not. Either way, the choices we make become the framework for our lives. We can float along the river, or….we can change our stars. The choice is ours.

    This blog is dedicated to this. It’s about managing the in between. The stories and memories recalled here are all a part of the journey, of changing stars.